A test post experiencing Blogger.com

I create this post for experiencing Blogger.com. To the left of this post is a picture of sun flowers taken at Tebet.

I think Blogger.com is better than MSN Space. At least, I can save a post under work many times before I decide to publish it. Moreover, Blogger.com can auto-save my editing as what Google Docs does.

Often I would like to post images of math equations that are copy-and-pasted from a scientific paper in PDF format. This is done by using the gorgeous LaTeX editor hosted onCodeCogs.com. For example:
P(\boldsymbol{X}) = P(x_1,\ldots,x_N) = \int \prod_{i=1}^N P(x_i \mid \boldsymbol{\theta}) dP(\boldsymbol{\theta})