Comparing Technologies Inside and Outside Google

Leading positions in some key technological fields have nominated Google the giant in the Internet industry. Now, the open source community and other companies are keeping up with Google in these fields. Here follows a comparison of published Google technologies and those developed outside of Google. I will update this list as I know more.
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Development Tools Inside Google Outside Google Remark
Code review Mondrian Rietveld Both Mondrian and Rietveld are written by the inventor of Python
Infrastructure Inside Google Outside Google Remark
Distributed File System GFS HDFS Hadoop’s distributed file system
CloudStore Formally known as Kosmos file system
File Format SSTable String Table Hadoop’s file format of entries of key-value pairs
Distributed Storage Bigtable Hypertable Baidu is a main sponsor of Hypertable.
HBase A Hadoop sub-project as an alternative of Bigtable.
Parallel Computing MapReduce Hadoop Hadoop was initiated by guys formally work in Google’s MapReduce team.
Remote Procedure Call Protocol Buffer Thrift Thrift was developed by Facebook and is now an Apache project.
Data Warehouse

Dremel Hive Hive was developed by Facebook and is now an Apache Hadoop project.
API Inside Google Outside Google Remark
Networking (I do not know) boost.asio boost.asio provides an C++ abstraction to network programming