SGI Octane III — Personal Super-Computer

If you search for “personal super-computer” using Google, you got two things: NVIDIA’s Telsa GPU card system and SGI’s Octane III. I took a note on the former. Here is a note on the later — a super-computer with (at most) 120 cores in a pedestal box. The data sheet can be downloaded from here. From the data sheet we can see that O3 consists of trays. On each tray there are two sockets, and each socket can have one Intel 5500 or 5600 CPU, where 5500 has 4 cores and 5600 has 6 cores. Each tray has it own memory, disk adapter and network adapter. In short, each tray is a node. One of these nodes is called “head node”, on which installs a GPU card.

The whole system looks like a small racket with many computers installed; just a small copy of the mature design used by Google and other organizations to create their distributed computing environment. But anyway, it is an interesting idea to make such a small racket which can fit in an office or on a desk. According to a post on gizmotastic, the price for the basic Octane III begins at $7995 and tops out at $53000, which would be affordable by many labs and companies.

Here are photos of Octane III. (On Wikipedia, you can find photos of Octane II and Octane I)
SGI Octance IIISGI Octance III