Integrate Google Open Source Packages

Given the solution to making protobuf-2.3.0 using glog-0.3.1 (mentioned in my previous post), we can integrate the following Google open source projects:

  1. gflags
  2. gtest
  3. gmock
  4. glog
  5. protobuf

My friend, Shuo, pioneered such an integration earlier this year, on Ubuntu and using earlier version of above packages. His solution can be accessed here. This post is an update to Shuo’s solution:

  1. Shuo’s solution to make glog use libunwind correctly has been accepted in glog-0.3.1, so, it is no longer a consideration in this solution.
  2. The dependency graph is updated. The new graph implies a unique order to build above packages.
  3. The dependency edge between protobuf and glog does not exists until we apply the change mentioned in this previous post (to make protobuf-2.3.0 use glog-0.3.1).

My experiments were conducted on Snow Leopard, and with the following packages: gflags-1.4, gtest-1.5.0, gmock-1.5.0, glog-0.3.1, protobuf-2.3.0.