Link All Symbols in a Library into Binaries

Morden linkers are smart. But sometimes too smart than what we need, that we would have to tell them what exactly we want.

Say, that a binary A uses some, but not all, symbols in a static library B, the linker would extract those symbol in-use from B and put them into A.

But sometimes, we do not want the linker to be as smart as this; instead, we might want all symbols in B are put into A.

To do so using GNU ln (usually comes with Linux), we say

g++ -o A -Wl,-whole-archive libB.a -Wl,-no-whole-archive

To do exactly the same thing using ln from Mac OS X, we say

g++ -o A -all_load libB.a

A typical situation that depends on above tricks is to link a self-registering class factory, and here is an example.