Programming Qt 5 Using Go

Salviati’s go-qt5 project on Github makes it possible to write GUI programs using Qt 5 and Go.

On Mac OS X Mavericks, I tried to build and run some Qt 5.2 programs written in Go. Here follows what I did:

  1. Install Qt 5.2 using Homebrew.
    brew update && brew doctor && brew install qt5
    This would warn you that Qt 4 is more widely used than Qt 5. Anyway, go-qt5 is a Go binding of Qt 5.
  2. Checkout go-qt5.
    mkdir -p /home/you/go-qt5
    export GOPATH=/home/you/go-qt5
    go get
  3. Build go-qt5
    You can follow the README file on to build go-qt5 and some example programs. Since Homebrew does not create symbolic links for Qt 5, you need to invoke qmake as /usr/local/Cellar/qt5/5.2.0/bin/qmake. Also, you need to put $GOPATH/src/ together with your Go binaries in the same directory before you can execute the Go binaries.

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  1. Sky JIA Says:

    Great post

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