Extract Text from PDF Files

I got this solution from Stackoverflow.

A more comfortable way to do text extration: use pdftotext (available for Windows as well as Linux/Unix or Mac OS X). This utility is based either on Poppler or on XPDF. This is a command you could try:

 pdftotext \
   -f 13 \
   -l 17 \
   -layout \
   -opw supersecret \
   -upw secret \
   -eol unix \
   -nopgbrk \
   - |less

This will display the page range 13 (first page) to 17 (last page), preserve the layout of a double-password protected named PDF file (using user and owner passwords secret and supersecret), with Unix EOL convention, but without inserting pagebreaks between PDF pages, piped through less…